Jing Luo Exercise
Nan X. Wang
JingLuo Exercise (Qi energy exercise along meridian channels)
JingLuo Exercise is a kind of QiGong breathing exercise focusing on the 14 meridian channels. The goal of this exercise is to promote better Qi energy flow that leads to better health.

1.  Beginning of JingLuo Exercise--Front Center Channel  
2.  Heart Channel/Small Intestine Channel 
3.  Lungs Channel/Large Intestine Channel 
4.  Pericardium Channel 
5.  Triple Heat Channel 
6.  Back Center Channel and Six Main Channels 
7.  All Fourteen Channels 
8.  Great falls down to the valley
9.  Cross hands at chest and breathe naturally
10.  Closing and restore the Qi Back to Dantian 

To further understand the concept of the JingLuo Meridian Channels, please go to: JingLuo Meridian Channels
For personal and group instructions, please call (301)947-4090 
or send email to nanxwang@gmail.com
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