Tai Chi for Health
Nan X. Wang
  • Tai Chi (Yang style, long form)
  • Tai Chi Sword (Yang style)
  • QiGong (breathing exercise)
  • Push-Hands (two people practice)
  • JingLuo Exercise (meridian channels)
  • Hand-in-Hand Tai Chi (for seniors and handicapped) 

Appointment (301)947-4090

Tai Chi is a wonderful exercise for both old and young. Grand Master WU Tunan made himself a subject of his Tai Chi research when he was teaching in a college. At his 100th birthday celebration, he announced the success of his project. 

My purpose of practicing Tai Chi is to ensure my quality of life at an older age. Tai Chi helps to improve circulation, energy level, range of motion, balance, as well as overall well being. 

During my practice I noticed that it is good both for adults and for children. Especially in the areas of focusing and attention span. 

My favorite exercise is Hand-in-Hand Tai Chi with seniors and handicapped. I enjoy their smiles, their sense of good feeling, and their simple words "thank you".

I have put my thoughts in a blog Tai Chi, Health and More. Hopefully it could be of some help to you.
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